19 things I learned before turning 19

last week I was the birthday girl and that they I wrote 19 things I’ve learned before turning 19!
these were amazing life lessons that have changed my life.


this morning when I woke up I’ve been thinking about the same thing.

I was wondering where I’ve been last year and where I’ll be going from now on. 

today is my birthday and I’m so happy and also, so nervous. 

I’m not that teenager anymore and life is a little bit more serious now. before then, I always knew how my year would pass by. I knew there would be school and study and exams and…

and now things are getting a little different. 

now I can’t guess what is going on tomorrow and what would happen next month. sometimes I feel it’s stupid to plan the whole month since I’m not even sure what would happen next week. 

but besides being stressed, it’s such fun! 

thinking about my 18th birthday, I learned so many things in just one year. 

I’m surprised about all the new things I realized and learned.

if I want to summarize my whole 18 I would say: 

it was all about learning. learning about myself the most.

I didn’t know before then that how much self-acknowledgment is important. I didn’t know learning about the rhythm of life is much important than fighting it. 

let’s talk straight about it. 

let me count 19 lessons and hopefully, I would learn 20 or more lessons within next year.

  1. the celebration of seasons is so beautiful. each year I’ve been so busy with school that I knew seasons as school season, exam season, new year season, no school season. this year I wanted to feel seasons with my whole heart. I wanted to enjoy it and touch it with both of my hands. even though it was all on a budget but it worth it! 
  2. I learned to make myself happy. this is a key and the most important lesson I’ve learned this year. we should learn to make ourselves happy and not waiting for anything special to happen! 
  3. if it’s meant to be it would be. I’m happy I’ve learned that. it calmed me down so much and stopped my stress over everything. I’m not sad or stressed about what can go right or wrong. I know my hard work would be paid off if it’s meant to be.
  4. you should be brave about things you love. what if we lose our beloveds just because we were too afraid to fight for them? being brave doesn’t mean you are not afraid at all. it means that you are afraid but you do it anyway. I learned to be so brave and try so many things out of my comfort zone and learned to not be afraid to love.
  5. if you love it, you should let it go. sometimes enough is enough and you worked hard enough for some stuff. maybe it’s time for you to let it go and see if it’s yours. if it is, it would come back don’t worry. 
  6. not always what we love is what we love. it sounds complicated but listen to me. sometimes what we think we love is based on life’s effect. sometimes it’s not what our heart wants. that’s why I learned to ask myself bravely if what I think I want is actually what I want. I don’t want to choose things because people want me to. 
  7. I started to love every detail of my life and I made a big party out of it. I think life is worthy enough to celebrate every detail of it. you just need to open your eyes and find them. I learned to become so grateful for all I have.
  8. I learned love is not a shameful thing but it is a blessing. 
  9. I learned to be the first change in the world. I learned that if I go for my way confidently, they would follow.  
  10. I learned that everything happens to teach me a lesson.
  11. I learned that success is an art of progress. so I’ve learned to grow slowly but effectively. 
  12. I learned to be proud of myself and be myself shamelessly.
  13. I’ve learned to not let anything stop me from loving myself.
  14. I learned to be nice to myself. 
  15. I learned so much stuff about myself. 
  16. I learned how to live in the moment.
  17. nothing’s more important than my mental health.
  18. happiness starts with me. I don’t need to find it. I don’t need anyone or anything to give me my happiness. it’s all in me. I’m the only one who can make or destroy my happiness.
  19. I learned to not care about everything. some stuff worth the attention and so many things are not worthy at all.

I’m sure I’ve learned even more lessons in only one year but let’s just write 19 of them. 

I think I had a long but full of lessons year and I can’t believe how many things I’ve learned in this short among of time. I’m so lucky and also blessed!

a big thanks to all the people who wished me a happy birthday on social media and people who remembered me. 

this series of birthday posts are not done yet since I have so many more things to tell you all about birthdays and all the things. 

thank you for supporting me and I love you so so much! 


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Amazing tips you need to have a good plan!

your plan is messy and you are tired of failing your plans?
you wanna get your life together?
here’s how!

planning means you think and write the future stuff down to remember them and have the events organized (I can hear your inner voice) so YES!

your daily life is an important event that you should plan for it!

you may plan so many stuff even without realizing it, like:

meal plans


family plans


and …

what are planners?

cute notebooks for your daily life that you can use to plan your life and get your life together(one glass of water for every time I say life!)

you can make them yourself or you can buy one from your favorite stationery shop! that’s your choice.

planners are different. so you should try and look for your ideal planner or you can even create it yourself. (where are my artists at?!)

though most of the daily planners have:

daily pages

monthly pages

weekly pages

daily pages have several parts. some of them for example are:

to-do list

quote of the day


important meetings

important calls


water tracker

exercise tracker


seems interesting huh?

having a plan for your day is SO useful!

you can plan your day so there is less wasted time on deciding what to do,

more productivity,

have the track of your life,

being organized so you are not late on that specific event ( I know you don’t leave everything for last minute… I… know…),

and less stress which is my NUMBER 1 reason! (*showing my planner to my stress’s face*)

so if you wanna plan your life, you gotta have a planner!

planners are amazing for so many reasons:

they are cute! (don’t look at me like that! that’s a valid reason!)

they are easy to read!

they are organized!

you don’t need that much time of your day or your week to spend on planning!

you know what you want during your day and you know where to look if you don’t know what to do!

and …

it’s so amazing to write down your purposes and remember them and knowing what you wanna do!

you just need some tiny time to plan and then you have your full 24h organized!

seems easy Nah?

unfortunately, it’s not… (sorry …)

I mean, not all the time.

there are multiple issues you might face that might tear your plans and routines apart. so you should write your creative and smart plan and guess what! I’m here to help you, hun! (such an angel I am!~)

I faced so many of those problems. that’s why I got some good tips for planning that I want to share them with you.

I’m a huge fan of planning and planners.

I have multiple planners since I’m a person of so many things so that’s pretty understandable for me.

I’ve been planning for so long and always I’ve felt so relaxed for knowing that if I follow that plan I can have my life together.

but it didn’t happen all the time.

let me rephrase it!

after each time of planning, I could follow it only once!

I gave up so many plans because of failure and broke so many promises to myself.

but now… I finally know how to get this thing done!

I’m pretty sticking to my plans and I know what to do if I failed.

so here are 7 tips that I gathered from my experiences and tried to explain them to you as well.

these are from experiences I had and I hope they would help you as much as they helped me.


1. Personalize it!

remember that you are not the same as your friend, family member, or that successful person you look up to or anyone!

you are not the same as them so PLEASE plan your day for YOU!

find your favorite way of doing it. it took me so long after trying so many methods to finally learns what’s best for me and what is not.

but if you want an advice from me then listen to me (you can thank me later):

plan something that you think might suit you and then while you were following that plan if you realized that you don’t like some part of it, then change it! don’t quit! don’t give up! just consider changes and remember them for your next day plan!

and consider changes until you find your BEST and IDEAL plan!

2.leave at least 1 hour of your day focusing on something.

it’s good to have some quality time. doing something important to you will make so many changes and so many benefits. as I said, “at least”. which means give yourself some more time if it’s needed.

I have about 3 hours of this focus time so I can focus on my study.

try that on!

3.have a specific planner for every big thing.

for your job, for your life, fitness or anything else. it just helps you to stay organized as best as possible. when you have everything specifically planned and organized you know what you want and you have your life together. when you have your closet organized, you put everything on a specific place. shoes somewhere, trousers somewhere else and shirts at another place and then if you want to be even more organized you might make them in order of color. if you don’t make them organized by what they are first, ordering them by color wouldn’t help at all! (you know what I mean!)

4.order them by importance.

you don’t have to do your stuff by the order of your list but sometimes you are just bored or you don’t feel like doing any of them so you don’t mind what is first. that is where you usually pick the first one of your list. (that’s why honey!)

5.keep a notebook for everything.

OMG! let me tell you! I always have one particular notebook that I just write everything on it and helps my mind to calm down. I just write every detail like planning for my trip or when I feel unmotivated I write my big goals and all the stuff! it’s just like a piece of paper that you write everything that comes to your brain on it!

it helps! because when your brain is calm and empty, you can plan better, healthier and easier( so take my word!)

I call it my brainstorm notebook!

6.keep a time of the day for planning.

I love mornings to plan but you can also plan at night. if you pick a specific time to plan you would always stay on track. you can even have your phone’s alarm to remind you every day!

7.keep it nice and clean.

when it’s cute, clean and beautiful you can’t help but keep looking at it and enjoying following your plan.

when I was at high school I was not good at the chemistry that’s why I didn’t like to study it. but I had a really beautiful chemistry book that made me study this subject!

use your favorite colors or stickers or have one or two sketches here and there!

these are all the tips I could give at this moment but remember that

if you are not responsible for your life, plans, and decisions these tips and plans are nothing!

for being responsible I have no tip to give, it’s all in your heart and mind that how much all these matters to you. you can give yourself some gifts when you end a plan too but as I said your mind and your heart are the most important thing about planning.

if you give up no one would lose anything but you. so do it for you, your future, your life, and everything you love.

also, don’t go crazy when you are planning especially if it’s your first day, week, month or even year. don’t overbook your day. don’t write crazy plans that would make you sick, tired and exhausted. go easy. even 3 tasks would be fine. at the end of the day if you see you have accomplished your goals for the day you would feel proud and happy,  also motivated so going on another day of planning wouldn’t be a challenge. you would slowly love it. you can level up slowly after 2 weeks or whenever you felt you are ready to do for example 4 tasks a day. (just don’t kill yourself!)

if you failed, it’s okay! if you couldn’t finish one list of tasks, it’s okay. don’t blame yourself! don’t be sad or angry! don’t go hard on yourself! just say it’s okay and try once more tomorrow.

be nice to yourself, every part of your life and especially while you’re planning. it’s a matter of progress.

you would learn and you would improve. slowly but for a lifetime.

so don’t forget to share your pictures of your plan or planners with me! I would love to help you all! you can find me on Instagram!

also, I have Q&A each Saturday on Instagram so come over and ask everything you want!

also(number 2), as you can see I changed my editing style a little bit different and tried to give it more autumn vibe, what do you think?

love you all!


(if you know turkey and you are looking for an AMAZING blog about fitness, let me introduce you to Fitnesslay.)

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Why sometimes you should be lazy?

Yes honey! you should be lazy!


you should be lazy!

some days you need to take a break and let your brain BREATH!

this break means doing nothing.

yes. nothing!

nothing like nothing!

crazy right?

listen to me:

have you ever been working so hard and sometimes you feel like you just want to sit somewhere and stare at a blank wall? like just staring? nothing else?

this has happened to me a lot! sometimes I feel like I’ve worked so much and I’m so done. at this point what I crave is to just sit somewhere and do nothing.

that’s why at least one day of my week I spend doing nothing.

though I might read some book, listen to some music or just stay in my bed and daydreaming.

I try to not look at any screen as best as I can I try to keep my eyes closed as much as I can.

so yes! you should be lazy too.

and some days being lazy is not bad at all.

as much as being lazy all time is not healthy, over working and being active all the time is not healthy as well.

give yourself some break and enjoy some current moments in your life.

hug them and breath the air and enjoy you coffee (or tea or any drink) .

love your current moment and live it as best as you can.

so don’t force yourself to be productive all the time.


Shhhh! that’s just me, feeling so DONE and CONFUSED and not knowing what to DO!

love you love you


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3 Essentials for Bookworm vibe!

Let’s make the vibe of reading a lot of book!



if you don’t know already I’m a book lover.

I even started my photography and instagraming journey with bookstagraming so I guess now you can tell how much this day matters to me.

so today I decided to give you a kit with 3 essential things for a beautiful bookworm vibe!

If you are a starter and so new on this let me give you this post and help you a little bit.

let’s first talk about the bookworm vibe:

I know we all have an idea when it comes to our ideal reading moment. when there is the vibe.

that sound of rain.

a really good book

and a comfy place.


so let me help you to pick up this 3 things so you can have a better ideal moment loves!

1. Big Knit Blanket this is my most favorite!

I have a plan to make one in fall and I can’t wait for it. this blanket is so cozy for a reading day!

you can curl into it and happily enjoy your beautiful nice book!

you can buy it or you can make it yourself which I believe is cooler because knitting it is also so cool!

I don’t own this picture. credit to the owner.

2. Nice Drink

I mean… SNACKS… come on!


a cool cold nice drink!

fall and winter?

a hot and tasty drink!

though for 4 seasons all, I rather drink tea but hot chocolate and coffee? they would never loose their place in my heart!

3. Rain sounds

or whatever that makes it cozy for you. you can use different apps to simulate the sound of rains or whatever feeling you want to get.

rain and The bamboo water fountain is my most favorites.

what are your favorite sounds?

let me know.

I would love to hear and try them!

love you so much!

see you soon!


10 cat breeds personalities

Happy national cat’s day!!!!
let’s know this cute creatures a little bit more!

Hello Hello, friends!

it’s cat’s national day!


but unfortunately, I don’t have one…

so for this cute day, I decided to research and learn about cat breeds because I realized I don’t know a lot of them and thought it’s a really good opportunity to share it with you too!

I don’t own any of these pictures and I found them on Pinterest.

so if you own any of them or you know the owner please let me know in the comment. I’ll give the credit to them!

1.British shorthair:

they have an easygoing personality. they are loyal, loving and love playing but they don’t need so much attention. if they want to play they would find someone to play with or they can even play with themselves. ( isn’t it cute?!)

2. Persian cat:

if you ask me I would tell you they are so lazy. they are so friendly and they would sleep in your bed, sit on your lap … if they feel like to ( such a queen!LOL). they don’t lick themselves too often so you should brush their hairs more often.

3. Maine coon:

they play a lot and they forgive a lot. they don’t meow too often and they are so gentle. they are independent and also intelligence. ( I love smart and gentle cats!) they are always there for you if you need a hand because they love helping.

4.Siamese cat:

they are loving, playful and intelligent. they are trusting and need interaction to be entertained.


they are calm and gentle. changes in routines do not upset them and they are good companions for people who live in apartments.

6. Sphynx cat:

they love cuddling a lot and they might even sleep with you under your blanket while they are hugging you. they show so much love, intelligence, and curiosity.

7. Bengal cat:

they are so intelligent and have so man dog-like qualities. they are so active and also playful.

8. Abyssinian cat:

they are so playful and curious. they love to play with toys and mess around everywhere. they don’t like to be cuddled too much because they rather play more! they need attention and love or else they would get depressed.

9. Russian Blue:

they are calm, beautiful, smart and curious. they care about human emotions and love playing with toys.

10. Exotic shorthair:

they are so friendly, curious and affectionate but also they value their alone time and independence like many cats. ( aren’t they so cute?!)

these 10 are the cats I didn’t know their name ( except Persian cat but I still listed because I love them!)

but still, I’m so happy I learned a lot about them and tell me: aren’t they all so cute?!

I was smiling while reading and writing about these cats the whole time!

my mom’s friend has a really beautiful and cute cat. she’s so beautiful and she promised me she would let me meet her.

I’ll keep you updated if I did.

if you have a cat, show them some love today from me too!


see you soon kitties!


Things you need to know before writing a TIMETABLE!

Timetables are best for busy days!
Have you ever tried them out?

timetables are amazing life savers for busy days!

you can plan each hour or minute of your day and use the fullest of it.

so it’s great!

but writing timetables are not that easy. you have to remember every detail of your day and also you should be careful to make a realistic one.

so there is some stuff you need to know before starting to write down your timetable:

1. be flexible on changing the order

that’s right that you are planning your day, but you can’t predict everything so be flexible. sometimes some unexpectable stuff happens or even we just rather do those stuff on different times of the day. it’s okay to change it and make it more suitable for you.

2. make it personalized

when it comes to planning you have to always remember that your life and your mind and everything about you is special. so make it personalized as possible.

you can study better in the morning? afternoon? night? it’s your choice.

whatever goes better with you and makes you feel better.

3. pick some time as your free time

don’t make your plan so full that you don’t have time to do ANYTHING else.

sometimes you just feel like doing some stuff at the specific moment and they are not in your plan. so it’s okay. give yourself time and do whatever you want to do.

your dreams matter.

your time matters.

your goals matter.

but most importantly,

your health matters!

it’s good to push yourself but there is a thin line between healthy and unhealthy pushing.

if it challenges you, that’s great! it’s healthy.

if it bothers you and makes you not feel happy and okay, no! that’s unhealthy!

be careful about your mental health and take good care of it.

4. Don’t stress

it’s okay if your plan messed up. it’s normal. don’t waste your time on stressing over lost time. pick yourself up and continue the rest of the time that is left.

5. give yourself realistic rest times

REST! it’s important.

today I wrote a timetable and unfortunately, I forgot my tip and wrote an unrealistic plan without that much rest time which in the end I became so tired and slept the whole afternoon(which is okay. because you have to rest!) so remember that! even if you think you can do it in the morning, that’s because you have a lot of energy and you don’t feel tired at all. so you think you can do it pretty easily. but the moment you reach afternoon you can feel the tiredness and you don’t feel as motivated as you were in the morning.

don’t mess up with rest and sleep time.

because tiredness causes depression and depression causes a lot of bad things! ( if you are a student let me tell you, depression causes losing memories too.)

so give yourself enough sleep and rest time and have a healthy plan!

6. using the best times of the day

when is your perfect and most productive time of the day?

mine is morning. from 4 am to 12 pm. so I try my best to do most of my hard stuff in these hours and for the rest of the day I divide them into pieces and give myself break from each work after every hour.

for example, I study from 5 to 6 pm. since it’s not my productive time and usually I’m so tired at this time of the day so I give myself a break and do other things I need to do in the day and then I start studying from 7 to 8 pm again.

but it might not work for everyone. some people need to do all their stuff in a row and it’s completely okay!


7. plan like you love yourself

don’t forget about your favorite things. I know you might need to study for 8 hours but try to give yourself some time too.

you are your best friend. treat yourself right and accept your needs.

becoming successful is not all about hard work but it’s about self-acknowledgment and self-love. so use your potentials as best as possible and instead of blaming yourself for some weaknesses, try to recognize them and work with them. nobody is perfect! not even those big people you can name. the difference is that they accepted themselves and worked as they love themselves

8. give yourself some time

it takes some time to learn and make your best timetable.

start with a timetable you think might work and then keep update the changes on future timetables.

keep update the changes and recognize them.

9. try to avoid lost minutes as most as possible

I used to be so bad at this and at the same time my brother is a master at this!

when I wanted to go to a class at 8 am, I didn’t do anything from 7 am and all I used to do was to wait until 8 am to go to my class.

but my brother? he gets ready 10 minutes before leaving and won’t stop doing what he is doing until it’s time to go.

most of the time these lost minutes are the reason we don’t find enough time to rest. because we are stressing and keep thinking about doing stuff for the next hour and we don’t rest but also we don’t do anything worthy.

alright, that’s all I could think of right now!

if I remembered any other tips I would let ya know!!!

hope these tips were helpful.

do you have any tip?

let me know down below!

I love to know and try them!

love you, love you!


Ideas to have an Ideal Morning!

Start your beautiful day from Morning!
you are beautiful!
let your morning be too!

Wake up


be awesome!

mornings are my most favorite time of the days!

when I have good starting in the morning, I would have a good day as well.

mornings are important!


because they can choose your vibe for the day.

I love the vibe and the feelings of the morning. I even have a whole board on Pinterest about morning vibes! so you can tell how obsessed I am!

I can tell everyone has an ideal morning in their mind and some stuff in our life make us happier when we have them in the morning. like a good tea or breakfast!

everyone has different morning ideals so I’m writing some ideas and examples for everyone to look up into and pick their most favorite ones and have a nice, beautiful, lovely morning.

Let’s don’t hesitate any more and get to our ideas and start making an amazing morning!


this is a really necessary and at the same time common part of the morning.

NEVER skip your breakfast!

it’s important what you eat so be careful and pick your favorite and also healthy breakfast.

when my breakfast is healthy I feel much better. not only physically but also mentally. I feel like I have my life together(LOL).

when your body is on ease your mind is also on ease.

so don’t forget! breakfast!

you can also have some tasty drink next to your breakfast.

don’t forget to design your breakfast too. you don’t have to wait for a specific reason to celebrate your life. so design it and take pictures if you want too.

Books, Newspapers, Movies, Journals or None

I love to read a book while I’m eating my breakfast. some people like to read a newspaper and some like to watch a movie. well … some rather none! you can choose!

I’m a big fan of personalizing life and believe everyone has to have their style of living.

so take a look at your likes and pick whatever makes you happy!



I know that you know so HAHAHA no surprise!

I believe flowers are life! they massage to me every day that life is beautiful and everyone is beautiful in their way and you have to take some time to bloom!

the colorfulness of flowers make me happier and so calm, so there is no reason to not have them in my morning!

Bed or a beautiful View?

my chose? both!

but when a good view is not in access, well… bed is amazing too.

My room is not that big and I don’t like to eat on my desk so that’s why most of the times I eat on my bed(Shrug, Shrug).

but if you have a good view from your house then don’t lose the chance!

traveling? hell yeah!

views matter so much to me and I sleep at night imagining Pinterest pictures so don’t blame me, please!


Madam sun needs to wake you up and tells you today is another day!

I love sunshine spreading all over my room! especially when I’m eating breakfast.

I have read a lot of articles about how mentally good it is to have some sunshine in your house. so DO IT!


I like to make a beautiful view of my breakfast so I try my best to pick some cute dishes and every time I see something that could go so well, I buy it!

Candles scents

that scents! OOH LALA!

the warmth and aliveness!


having a romantic breakfast with yourself!



do I need to explain?

alright then.

that comfy feeling and being cozy while eating your beautiful breakfast. Yes! imagine it! you did? great! that’s it!

Treat yourself! you worth it!

you are beautiful and amazing and worthy as a star so don’t treat yourself with less.

you are cute.

and I love you!

wish you a lot of beautiful mornings with a lot of sunshine and amazing news!

love love love love!


One small positive thought

in the morning

Can change your



My Summer Bucket List

Let’s have fun for Summer!

Every hour deserves to

be happy…!

last day I really had the vibe of summer and I really wanted to do something with the smell of summer. so the best option at the moment was to write my own bucket list for summer.

if you remember from my last post, I have given you 12 ideas for summer and now I’ve found some more ideas from Pinterest and added them to my list.

I can tell my friends are already scared because they know I’m not a person with quiet and easy things when it comes to having fun.

I tried my best to add more stuff that I have never tried and some exciting things with the vibe of summer.

also, this notebook is my summer bucket list journal and I want to fill it with all the memories and pictures and other stuff from this summer. I’M SO EXCITED!

even though I’m in the middle of exam season but it won’t stop me from having a FUN summer!

I really can’t wait to do them all and have fun this summer.

FUN FACT: this notebook actually is a cookbook(LOL) but since I already have a cookbook and thought it’s just amazing for my bucket list so I decided to use it.

do you have a summer bucket list?

how many of stuff in my bucket list is in yours too?

have you started having fun this summer?



At the end of the day

your feet should be dirty,

your hair messy

and your eyes sparkling.

How to survive a bad and hard day?

you hate bad days too when everything goes wrong?

I know some days are just not the day. that feeling when everything goes wrong or sometimes even one thing going wrong can absolutely ruin your day.

I can recommend you a survival kit ( which I would later!) but for today I want to give you some advice so you can keep them in your kit!

when your sink is overflowing, what would you do? well, obviously you won’t add more water.

I know it’s a weird example but listen to me!

sometimes we just have to stop and do not add more to it.

when something goes wrong in our life, stressing and keep regretting those things not only they would not save you from what happened but also make you feel worse and this might even lead you to mess up again and everything turns exhausting.

when you keep regretting or talking or thinking about what could go right, you will make the feeling get bigger and I’m telling this with self-experience.

what can you do instead?

1. take a deep breath.

2. try to smile!

3. say “It’s okay.”

4. focus on a solution.

5. try your best to see the good side about it.

6. love yourself.

it’s not impossible. trust me!

only less than one year ago, I was even worse. I remember I even cried over my bowl of soup when it broke down.

it needs time obviously but it’s not impossible.

I don’t like one night things because as faster they come into your life, they would fly away faster. so take your time on learning this life lesson and give yourself some time.

you would love the result!

when you take a deep breath you are calming the possible anger inside of you down!

when you try to smile, serotonin would be released and you would feel better.

when you say ” it’s okay!”, you are reminding yourself that it’s not breaking you down and you don’t need to be worry or stressed or angry about it.

then focus on finding a solution. when you are calmed down you can find a good sulotion. if it’s a tiny thing ( like a bowl of soup) try to find a solution right away. but it’s something big, you can take your time.

when you look for the good side about what happened you won’t feel unfortunate but instead, you would feel blessed because of what happened and in this case your day is not ruined at all!

and love yourself the most because of course if the same happens to your friend you won’t blame them. instead, you would calm them down and you would tell them it’s okay and there is no need to be sad over it. loving your self is the key to a lot of things so


let me give you an example:

you are drinking water in the morning.

you are cool and ready to start a good day.

suddenly the glass would fall and it would shatter into pieces.

what would you do?

you can get angry. think about thousand of things or even cry over your lost glass. with an angry mind clean your room and have a really bad day. since your angry, you might even make some more mistakes and BOMB! that’s over!

but also you can do otherwise.

you can take a deep breath and follow all six steps I wrote above.

love yourself and save your day.

you might make new mistakes through the day but ” It’s OKAY!”

we all make mistakes and I don’t really think you have to worry over it.

give yourself some peace and love.

take easy on yourself and treat yourself nicely.

I love you so much and please love yourself even more.

hope it had helped you.

I would love to hear your opinions and ideas and experiences.

love love love love


Is it hard to Focus? try this!

I’ve got you!

focusing on a subject at a time and trying not to multitasking is a great way to save time.

as a person who has a lot of things to focus on, I always hear this question:

“how can you focus?”

well… I have one tiny trick that I want to share it with you guys.

Have a tiny paper with you

since I remember, this trick was life-saving for me.

you can have a paper with you and every time you feel distracted, write whatever you are thinking about in a word in that paper so you can think about it at its right time.

if you are afraid that the paper might distract you, you can keep it somewhere so can’t look at it unless you want to write something down. you can keep it upside down and leave it for your break times.

we always have amazing ideas at the wrong times.

especially when it comes to studying we always have a lot of brainstorms and COOL ideas and sometimes we are afraid to forget them so we keep thinking about them and before realizing, our time is gone and we haven’t done any progress.


write them down and keep them for the right moment.

this trick was also so helpful for my bored times. whenever I’m bored I just take a look at my paper and cross off some of the stuff in my list.

SEE?! it’s a time saver in lots of ways.

but remember! do not waste your time by keep looking at your list and thinking about it. you are keeping that list to save some time not wasting more!

if you keep yourself responsible about it, I’m sure it would be so life-saving.

YUP! that’s it!

I hope you have found this tiny trick helpful.

would you use it?

tell me your opinion!

love you so much!

– Sahel