How to prioritize all your exams materials really Effectively?

exams coming up but you don’t know were to start and what to read first?
here’s your guide!

How to prioritize all your exams materials really Effectively?

Let’s not waste your time. You have important exams coming up, and you need to get your books together. It’s alright. I’m here to help you with how you should prioritize your exam materials.

What does it mean?

You have a lot of materials in your hand (or on your desk) right now and you need to study all. However, you are not sure if you have enough time to take care of them all So you need to choose one material to at least help you to pass the test. The urge shows when you have the least among of time. You can only read one thing. Which one should you choose?

Set the goal

it matters …

of course it MATTERS!

You have to know how long you are going to jump to know how much energy you should spend.

  • What is your grade goal?
  • Why you need this score? (Is it for your future university? is it because you don’t wanna fail? it’s part of the motivation. prevent the question “so what?” by setting the right goal.)
  • what is the least score you can get? (to not fail. remember always aim higher than needed.)

Knowing what you need your score for can help you with the way you have to study and how much time you need to spend on your materials. it also guides you on how many times you have to review one material.

What is the format of your exam?

  • Multiple-choice exams?
  • Problem or case-based exams?
  • Oral exams?
  • Open-book and take-home exams?
  • Essay exams?

When I was younger, and I just had started studying at school I thought it is no difference between these types. I thought no matter what type of exam I have, I should study in the same way. I was somehow magically right through elementary and middle school. But high school hit me hard after a lot of fails. Even though it took me a lot of time to realize how I should study after finishing middle school but I learned some great lessons through all these mistakes.

When you have multiple choice exams you just need to focus on important keywords.

when you have essay exams you need to focus on something more than just keywords.

through the whole time of studying you need to keep reminding yourself that what is the type of exam and after studying each paragraph or even word you need to try and create questions in your mind so you can guess what the question maker might bring for you.

now let’s start with the materials!

I tried to order them from the most important one to the least. however, if your teacher/professor or advisor suggests you keep any of the materials in another order, you should listen to them. (especially teachers or professors. they are the one who are going to create the questions after all.)

1.School/teacher/professor notes.
I don’t want to say that 80 percent of the exam questions come from teachers note but I want to say that more than 80 percent (if not 100 percent) of the questions come from teachers’ notes. they are so so important that they should be your number one priority!
don’t forget who is going to create the questions. they think the same way when they are teaching. what is important to your teacher when they are teaching is also important to them when they are making problems.
2.previous exams
God knows how many times I survived hard problems because I studied old exams by the same teacher.
there is a high possibility that your teacher might use the same problem. what is important would always stay important.
3.flash cards
flashcards are amazing for reviewing your knowledge. one time readying is not enough. you need to keep revise and challenge yourself with flashcards to remember and review important parts. it also helps you to find your weaknesses.
4.finding weaknesses and working on them.
don’t escape from your weaknesses. try to focus and find where you are hitting a rock. find it and solve the problem. sometimes the problem can be solved with only 5 minutes of reviewing. so don’t be scared and don’t ignore them. go through the previous materials and review them and study them with more focus.
5.challenge yourself
I saw this on Holly Gabriel’s YouTube channel and I fell in love with it.
all you need to do is to write all you remember from your studies on a paper. you can create a mind map or just randomly write everything. it’s also a good summary for reviewing hours before the exam. this method also works perfectly when you have an essay exam.
another thing you can do is to create questions while you are studying them and then answer the question. I love this method because when you know how to make problems, you’ll learn how to solve them. you can also find your weaknesses and work on them more.
yes. we’re back again. after you worked on those you have to get back to your flashcards and review the knowledge again. more and more you review, you will get more control over the knowledge.
7.more research/ books and articles.
there are most of the time books or articles that your professor might introduce. in my experience, they don’t introduce them just for fun. there are possibilities that they might use that article or book to find a problem. don’t let it slip away. one mistake I made was that I ignored this fact… I didn’t study a book my professor suggested… turned out she only used that one book for the questions…
8.rereading and reviewing
well… do I need to… say anything?
9.and more practice

Practice makes perfect.

it’s not only something you hear from everyone. it’s the biggest fact and most obvious secret of success. practicing especially when it comes to subjects like math, physics, and chemistry (or anything similar).

now that we prioritize materials, I’m going to give you some quick tips about studying:

Don’t leave everything for the last moment!

I know it can be hard not to. for some reason, these kinds of things hit us hard at the last moment. it’s like only a few days before the exam, we realize that it’s real and we have an exam coming up. plan weeks before the exam and stick to your plan so you won’t need to worry about it or wait for the moment that things feel real for you.

Practice makes perfect!

I said it before but I say it again. nothing is more important than practicing. your brain needs more and more experience over a matter to get fully familiar with it. with one experience it won’t get comfortable and with that, it would get harder for you to use your creativity when it comes to questions that are tricky and need creativity.

Save this pin to read later!

focus on one section at a time.

don’t push all the information in your brain at once. focus on them one by one and solve problems and take your time to take control over the section before jumping to the next one. most of the time these sections are related to each other and if you don’t get fully familiar with section one, you can’t learn section two any better.

if you need to look back, do it before everything else.

I had a hard time at high school (for some reason that I would talk about them later) but the problem was that I didn’t remember anything from the 10th and 11th grade. when I got into 12th grade I tried and studied hard but… no result. my grades didn’t get any better and I still had a major gap in my grades. that’s why for my university entry I started with studying from 10th grade all over again. it took me a lot of time … yes. I couldn’t finish what I was supposed to finish.. yes. but after I studied 12th grade again finally I realized and learned things that I was hardly trying to learn before. things that I had a big problem with became so stupidly easy and it was only because I finally learned what I was lacking.

Stay away from stress.

stress takes all you know away from your brain.

I’m the queen of stress and anxiety so let me tell you based on personal experience. when you become stressed your brain tries to fade the memory that is stressful for you. by that, you forget everything. if you are stressed while studying, your brain tries to fade the memory which is all you have been studying for the past 10 hours.

try to stay calm. don’t overthink.

before losing hope try to find a solution.

alright, let’s assume for any kind of reason you didn’t study until the very last moment. you can’t find a travel machine and fly back in time. nope… sorry to say that.
but you have to be fast and control the moment. you have to find a solution immediately. that solution is studying.
just don’t stop and don’t give up. you might not be able to finish materials or review or practice. but remember! if you only study 2 more pages you can save yourself 5% of your score from crossing off your paper. just one more piece, one more section, one more time. that’s what creates success.

Hope you a high score exam and I wish you full success.

hope you rock that exam, my dear warrior!


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The Best Complete Guide to learn Korean

Want to learn Korean from zero at home? then this is your guide!

How to Learn Korean From zero?

If you are here it means you are ready and eager to study Korean.

Korean is one of the fun languages that so many K-pop and Kdrama fans love to learn.

South Korea is also one of the big countries when it comes to business and technology which makes this language even more essential to be learned.

the benefits of learning Korean:

when I started learning Korean I was not thinking about the benefits Korean language had but as I walked through it and learned a lot I saw how many good opportunities Korean can bring.

you might want to learn Korean just for fun or you might have watched and listened to Korean so many times that makes you want to learn it badly.

I need to tell you that:

Korean is one of the most expensive languages in the world.

when I read the profits of translating Korean I was shocked! being a Korean translator might be hard to start but as soon as you learned it, it will all be all good for you.

if you already have a job, learning Korean can help you a lot with your business and job. learning an extra language which is not common between language learner can leave a good impact on your salary.

When did I start learning Korean?

I was a big fan of Kpop music and Korean dramas when I was about 14 years old. At that age, I became a fan of a Korean group name “JJCC” which didn’t have too many fans especially in my country so it was hard to always find subtitles or local fans to talk to about fandom activities. that’s how I learned English as well. every time I wanted to talk to someone I had to talk English and my English was bad enough that I don’t dare to look back at those days. thanks to friends I made those days they were so patient with the lack of skill I had in English and didn’t make me feel bad about it. however, still, I wanted to know and understand what is going on. I hate watching a screen and not know what they are talking about. I even remember the moment that I told myself:” I want to understand what they are saying.” and that was the moment that I started studying.

of course, it wasn’t serious at first. I knew a few words from dramas and songs but I wanted to know more and better. when I turned 16, the whole journey started. the main decision was taken on a low moment of my life which has a big story. I might tell you later.

but I wanted to get better. I’ve been procrastinating for god knows how long. I started it by searching online and looking for websites but there was not that much good information there. it was only for basics which I knew it pretty well. there was no class in my city and I was not sure if I wanted to pay for online classes. then I found websites that sell Korean self-study books. I tried them by buying only one book from them and I ended up loving it. I continued learning Korean and I found my happiness in learning new languages so I never stopped it.

a few months later I took my first TOPIK exam and I passed TOPIK I. now I’m studying hard to get prepared for higher levels. (wish me LUCK!)

now it’s your turn!

do you want to learn Korean? don’t worry. if you take the right steps, it won’t be as hard as people tell you it is.

first of all, let’s start with the alphabet.


I was so lucky to find a Persian website that taught the Korean alphabet in the BEST way possible. now that I look at so many alphabet teachings, I wish they all could use the same method. don’t worry. I’m going to tell you how I learned it then you can start doing it too.

Korean has 24 letters which 14 of them are consonants and 10 of them are vowels.

vowels can be so challenging since they are close to each other and you might not be sure where you should use what.

the way that helped me learning the Korean alphabet pretty easily was starting writing Korean from the very first day.


don’t try to learn all the consonants and vowels one by one instead you should combine them. pick a consonant letter and vowel letter and make new words. it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t make sense. you are trying to learn the alphabet.

pick a consonant and combine it with all the vowels. while you are doing it, read it out loud so it would stay in your mind for a good long time.

after learning the alphabets, you have the entry ticket to start your journey on learning Korean. take a deep breath and be patient. I’m sure you can do it very well.

studying Korean has different parts:

yes. they are no different from other languages.


after watching and listening to so many Korean movies and songs, listening was not challenging for me at all. find the lyrics of Korean songs and listen to them as they sing it. I even print them so I can use them to learn more vocabulary. since you listen to the songs more often they are amazing in helping you remembering vocabulary.

listen to podcasts and watch YouTube videos from Korean YouTubers. try to focus on what they are saying. it’s okay if you don’t understand it. it would stay in your mind after being repeated for several times.


try to start a diary or a journal and feel it with Korean stuff. Naver’s blog section has so many Korean posts that are written by Korean people. I love reading these blog posts because it helps me to not only become better at reading but also get some ideas for writing too.

they say if you want to write well, you should read a lot.

don’t be afraid of being wrong. just try to write and if you needed to know a word, just check it out from the dictionary.

the more you write the better you’ll become at it. so don’t stress over right and wrong and just write.


I already told you what is a good thing to try for reading however you can also try reading Korean comics from the Naver website. there are also books that you can find online through websites that can help you.

it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced Korean learner. while you are reading, don’t over worry about the words that you don’t know. just pass the words and move on. if you got super curious about the meaning, then check it out. if you keep trying to find all the word’s meaning in a text that you are reading, you’ll forget all of them and your reading process won’t be useful anymore.


pin for later!

maybe that’s the hardest part of the Korean language but don’t worry. take small steps slowly and build your way through Korean grammar.

verbs are a challenging part of the language. verb conjugation might cause you some troubles but all you need to do is to practice practice and practice. find Korean verbs and try to conjugate at least 5 of them daily.

keep a small notebook for your grammar lessons. keep all the grams that you learn in that notebook by small explanations.

make new sentences by new words you have learned and try new grammar that you also have learned in your sentences.

just remembering these things has no use for you. you have to learn how to use them all.

making sentences, no matter small or in your diary, help you to get more comfortable around this grammar and words.


I… don’t like this part.

but there are so many fun ways to learn new words. one of my favorite ways to learn new vocabulary is to find them in songs or texts. sometimes I hear a new word in a Korean movie and I get curious so I find the meaning of it.
remember that. all the words are not necessary to be learned. don’t waste your time with words that you might not even use once in your life.

2000 essential words for beginners is one of the best books to help you study new vocabulary. it has all the necessary words for you. don’t mind the name when it says for beginners. I can tell you it has more useful words for more than just beginners. this series has 2 books which one of them is 2000 essential words for beginner and the second one is 2000 essential words for advanced. go for the advance one if you already had finished the beginners’ part. however, I’m sure the first book can be enough for you if you just want to learn Korean for daily conversations.


last but not least, it’s speaking.

If you ask me I would say, speaking is kind of the same as writing. the skills that you need are just the same except, you need to be faster and more familiar with what you are doing. what I do is to talk loudly to myself is Korean. I don’t bother thinking and worrying about it if I’m right or wrong. I just talk and while I do it, I find so many new questions that I can check later.

one of the reasons that we might lack the skill of speaking in a foreign language is because we are not used to hearing our voice in another language.

to solve this problem you can read your Korean books out load or create imaginary conversations with whoever you want. when you get used to it, you can develop other parts of your skills.

Studying for TOPIK:

TOPIK is the official Korean exam that shows what is your level in Korean.

usually, if you want to study in a Korean university or work as a Korean translator, you need this certificate, however, you can add it to your resume and show your skills in this language.

if you want to take this exam, you should first check for the examination dates and locations and then register for the exam.

let’s assume you have done this all and you just need to study for it.

what I do is to answer previous TOPIK exam questions to get familiar with the exam. I also practice writing by finding good subjects to write about.

if you want to take TOPIK 1 and 2, you don’t need to worry about writing. if you practice and study and explore more in the language, you won’t have any problem with your exam.

Last words about skills:

if you want it, you’ll get it.

use every aspects of your life a chance to learn your favorite language. show commitment and passion and never stop learning.

look everywhere and see what can be helpful for you. combine all of these skills and put yourself in an environment that helps you learn Korean.

people who live in a different country, learn the language easier because they are right in the middle of the environment.

they are going for shopping? they need to speak the language. they are watching TV? they hear the language. they are buying a newspaper? they read the language.

it’s okay if you can’t go to Korea anytime soon, I couldn’t too. but you can bring the environment by social media or books. read Korean blog posts or listen to Korean songs, watch Korean movies, and talk Korean to yourself. I’m sure you will see the results faster than you expect.

I hope this post was helpful for all of my good friends who want to learn Korean.

don’t forget to pin this post so others can use it too.

Love you!


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how to find more time to read?

want to read more often but you don’t have time?
miss reading but your time schedule is tight?
here’s some useful tips for you to find more time to read!

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As the first blue book on the shelf looks at me in disbelief, the second black book starts to talk: “don’t look at her like that… it’s not gonna make her read you anytime soon.” I turn around and stare at them with an offended face: “you know I can hear you!” the blue book’s eyebrow jumps high: “he’s not wrong though…” I put my hand on my chest and act dramatically: “I’m just busy… okay?” that’s when the blue book shakes her head: “just another excuse.” 

I feel judged. it’s not like I don’t enjoy reading them… I love reading books but sometimes… life gets way too much in a way that we don’t realize what just happened. 

but really why?

the yellow book comes out of the shelf and starts talking:

” I say it, I say it!

not having enough time: sometimes we get way too busy for days that before we realize it’s morning, it’s almost midnight.

being busy: I mostly mean mentally. our number one priority is something else that we forget we wanted to read.

not having enough focus: which again is about having a distracted brain being busy with work, family, or anything else important to you. “

Blue shakes his head: “who’s team are you?” the yellow book looks at her with fear:” I…” I move back to my desk and start typing: “there are…” the black book decides to state a fact: “see! she’s ignoring us again!” “I need to WORK!” I shout without even turning back.

there are thousands of pieces of time laying around our daily life that we just need to bend and pick them up. 

“always find time for the things that make you feel happy to be alive”

Processed with VSCO with m6 preset

without making any noise (to not attract blue and black’s attention.) let me show you some of these tiny pieces of life that you can easily pick up at any time:

  1. waiting for the train
  2. waiting for your friend
  3. leftover minutes from lunchtime
  4. before bed
  5. after you wake up
  6. waiting… just waiting in general

there are also some activities you can replace with reading (I know that you can guess what I’m thinking about):

  1. SOCIAL MEDIA! (you see it coming didn’t ya.)
  2. watching TV

honestly, these 2 factors take 80 percent of our free time. I’m not asking you to cut them from your life but I just want you to take a few pieces of time from these activities and give them to reading. 

you searched this post because you want to read, right?

“the man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”  


let’s do basic math:

5 minutes a day 

35 minutes a week

140 minutes a month 

28 hours a year

it’s enough to at least 4 books a year! with only 5 minutes a day!

“Small steps can change the journey.”

let’s start this journey together:

make a goal:

how many books do you want to read in a year? 

get more specific.

how many books do you want to read in a month?

then decide about the genre.

what kind of genre do you want to read more? 

for example, recently I decided I want to read more scientific related books. I decided to take my steps with one book a month which would lead me to 12 books a year. however, I want to improve my reading and make it 2 or 3 books a month later. 

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taking one last look at those troublesome books, (they are trying to get the yellow book into their side but I’m not worried. the yellow book is a loyal one. I trust it.) let’s get into more details, shall we?

you don’t have to be so strict over these planning since we are here to just enjoy the world of magic and new experiences. but It can be so helpful if you have problem focusing. sometimes I just read one page and time passes so slow that I don’t even realize that I only read one page. you can set these goals so encourage yourself to find back that focus.

I remember when I started reading books again I had a major problem focusing. I could barely read one page. but setting these goals made me read more and now I don’t have to set small goals like that. I have a new goal I’m working on which is reading one book a week. now I can read chapters after chapters non stop in one day. sometimes I have to stop myself to go to sleep.

how many pages are the books you want to read? (it doesn’t need to be exact. set the higher goals so you can read more *wink wink*)

how many pages you should read weekly or daily? 

for example, the physic book I picked up is 600 pages so I need to read 20 pages of it daily so I can finish it in a month. 

keep a reminder:

you have two ways to remind yourself that it’s time to read.

  1. keep reading in your daily routine. it can be your morning or your night routine. (it can be both!)
  2. you can set a timer for a specific time of the day and just sit and read for 20 minutes. 

make it easier:

let me introduce you to some amazing bookworm hacks!

use audiobooks: you can read (basically listen) any time, anywhere. are you sitting on the bus? listen to an audiobook. are you working and your hand is busy but your mind is free? listen to an audiobook!

always keep a book in your bag: I always have one book that I only keep it in my bag so whenever I’m leaving the house, I can have it for emergency matters.

keep your book on your nightstand or a table close to where you often sit: out of sight, out of mind. just keep it in touch so you can grab it and read for some extra 5 minutes. 

Ebooks: always having a book on your phone! whenever I go on trips I prepare a few ebooks on my tablet so I can read them no matter what. (I can’t bring many physical books with me when I’m traveling… sad:( )

and lastly:

read more, learn more. 

books help us travel through so many experiences, places and meet so many people. it helps us connect our emotions to the characters and learn from them and their heartbreaks without actually experiencing them. we can see actions from another point of view and learn from them without having to live through that mistake or see any consequence. don’t let books leave your life because, without them, our lessons are half learned. 

I switch my eyes from the computer to the black book sitting in front of me: “For god sake! a book can’t move!” it smiles and I shiver. the blue book appears and suggests: “do you want to read now?” I smile:” you two’s rebellion against me was cute so… you are the last books in this universe I’m going to read!” then I call for the yellow book. it was the loyal one! of course, I’m going to read it first! 

and no! I haven’t lost my mind. love you too.


Editor Shahdokht is talking:

I wrote this post with the new idea of combining story telling and informative post together to keep you all entertained while reading the post. it was a little idea I wanted to see how it would turn out so here it goes! don’t think I’ve lost my mind please!!! I tried to use the same voice I use while I talk to my close, best friends because you all are my friends too.

please let me know what you think. hope you like it. all the love in the world. -Shahdokht

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book review: Wayward son by Rainbow Rowell

after Simon Snow saves the day, what will happen?
a review for the book : Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell

book review:

wayward son


Rainbow Rowell

finding this book after my exam ,when I was looking for some new books, was so shocking. I was not active in the bookworm community for a while so I didn’t know this book was out.

I was SO excited and I’m still so happy about the new Simon and Baz content!

I finished reading this book in 5 days (which with the busy schedule I had it was so fast for me.) I can say I finished it in 10 hours so it shows how much I enjoyed reading this book.

let me first give you a summary of the book before we jump into more details and my opinion!


this book is an afterlife after the big fight Simon had with the mage. it starts by showing the low points of Simon’s life and how his relationship with Baz was not as best as it was at the end of “Carry on”. at the same time, Agatha (Simon’s ex-girlfriend and now their friend) stops answering Penelope’s texts and calls. it worries Penelope enough to make her make some decisions. that’s where Penelope decided to save all of her friends and have a holiday to North America.

their journey starts like every other normal trip (not very normal. a little more magical) they fly to Chicago to meet Penelope’s boyfriend but unfortunately, she gets hit by the breakup news from her now ex-boyfriend. they move from Chicago to San Diego to find Agatha who hates magic now and wants to live a normal life. she goes to a retreat with her friend Ginger and spends some “Normal” weekend with her but in the end, it doesn’t happen to be that normal. this retreat was named NowNext and it was a group of people who thought they found a way to the best generation and best humanity. they turn humans into vampires and now they wanted to add magic to their bodies. that’s why they capture Agatha.

along their way, this group of friends meets Shepard who is genuinely interested in learning about magic. even though nobody trusts him, he tries to help them.

they meet magical creatures, spirits, and vampires to find their way to save Agatha.

to find NowNext, they need to ask their place from vampires so Baz takes the role and attend a party in Las Vegas. he meets Lamp. a vampire who starts to act super friendly and flirty toward Baz. with the help of Lamp, everyone gets to find the NowNext headquarter only to find Lamp was one of them and he was trying to surrender Penelope to them. with a big fight happening between these 3 groups. Baz and Simon save Agatha and Penelope and things start to settle down. however on the last page of the book, exactly when you are waiting for the happy ever after, there is a call from their home town informing them that something is going on.

this ending shows us that there is going to be another book from this series that we should wait for.
even though Rainbow Rowl herself said that it’s not gonna take 4 years again but we are not sure how long is going to take the writer to publish the next book. (maybe it takes 3 years and 11 months 🙂 )

Let me make a sincere apology for my absolute messed up summary writing. I probably need to take a few courses on that… sigh

My opinion:

I enjoyed this book. to be honest I think this book was because of some changes better than “Carry On”.

this time the story had a nice mixture and balance of a love story, personal feelings, and action scenes. however, there were so many unnecessary details and scenes that could be filled with more evidence and fights with NewNext. even though the story was fast (and smooth) but their fight with NewNext was a lot faster. which disappointed me a little bit.

however, as I said, the balance between story elements was a lot better which is amazing.
based on the last page of the book it seems like there is going to be the next book and I’m so excited to read it. I can’t wait to read the next book and see what she is going to show us next!
I didn’t know I needed to see jealous Simon this much! it was so funny and cute I couldn’t help but slow read that part so I could observe all parts of it!

character development was also amazing and real. how Simon slowly started from being a depressed boy to finding himself and finding his plans for the future, how Penelope started from listening to nobody but herself to someone who question the situations more often. also, their friendship being build with Shepard who they didn’t trust at all to the point that they want to take him to England with themselves.

I think as a journey of love, relationships, emotion, and finding themselves, this story had all of these things fitted at the right spot and if I was given the chance, I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. it felt right.

my favorite character is Baz and I’m so happy he finally gets to know his vampire side more than before and loves this side of him better.

I’m eagerly waiting for the third book!

in general:

I loved reading this book. 100 percent it wasn’t a book that I regret reading or feel that I wasted my time. I enjoyed every page of it. the growth of the characters and story is noticeable and also enjoyable.

here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“Simon Snow, it hurts to look at you when you’re this happy.
And it hurts to look at you when you’re

“There’s no safe time for me to see you, nothing about you that doesn’t tear my heart from my chest and leave it breakable outside my body.”

“Go ahead and shoot me. This isn’t my favorite shirt.”

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3 things to do when you can’t sleep

you can’t sleep? that’s a big problem! but don’t worry I have 3 things you can try to sleep easier!

3 things to do when you can’t sleep

Opening my eyes and looking around the room. I take a deep breath and look for my phone. I need to check the time. WHAT? IT’S 3 AM? Yes… again I wasn’t able to sleep. I’m don’t always act normal when it happens. a few months ago I would cry if I realize such a thing is going on. because I had to wake up and study at 4 am and I knew it’s gonna be tough enough.

so… sometimes I cry.

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it’s quite frustrating when you can’t sleep at night. some nights you are fine with it but some other nights it’s hard to agree to stay awake. I mean, you have to go to work/school or you have a lot of work to do, and oversleeping is not a choice. 

there are 3 things that I always do when I can’t sleep. 

I’m fully honest with you here. this 3 work has always worked on me and I hope it works on you too.

but before jumping in, we have something else to think about:

why you might not be able to sleep?

we must know what is the reason. solving the problem is better than running around and try everything hoping it works. 

there are a few reasons that might stop you from sleeping:

  • busy mind

  • uncomfortable body (body pain, etc)

  • uncomfortable sleeping situation (uncomfortable pillow, mattress, room temperature, etc)

  • way too awake brain

  • stressed

I do this cute thing where I stay up all night and feel like death in the morning.

but no! not anymore. we are going to try our best to have a good night’s sleep! 


I don’t know if you have heard of it or not but ASMR is AMAZING! 

I listen to ASMR not only when I can’t sleep but when I have anxiety, when I’m studying or when I’m doing work. it helps me relax my mind.

you may ask, what is ASMR?

ASMR is a short form of “autonomous sensory meridian response” 

in total, ASMR is a complex of sounds and visual triggers that make your body and brain feel calmer. it’s basically like a massage that is happening through sounds. you feel the same tingles and the same sensation back of your neck and back.

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here is a link to Wikipedia if you are looking for more information.

So many times the reason that we can’t sleep is that we are simply too stressed. our brain and body are alarmed and ready to get up at any time. ASMR can help you ease your mind and body slowly. 

let me help you have a better experience with ASMR:

  • get comfy.
  • close your eyes if you can. 
  • use headphones for sure! try to use small headphones so you can get comfortable in your bed. 
  • close Autoplay. you don’t want to wake up with the sound of ads.
  • lower the light of your phone.

2.massage the back of your neck:

massage exactly this part of your neck (I created a black circle around the area in the picture below) in a circular mode for 1 to 2 minutes. you’ll instantly feel sleepiness in your eyes.

for better effects:

  • lay in your bed.
  • focus on the massage and let your brain rest.
  • make sure your body is comfortable as well.

3.focus and meditate

this one is my little trick that works all the time and I’m shocked as much as you are. 

I have anxiety. especially sleep anxiety. when I go to bed thousands of different thoughts come to my brain that I’m not sure what made me think about them.

that’s what I do. 

I start to count:

  • 3 things I see
  • 3 things I feel 
  • 3 things I hear

but not only counting them, but I also try to explain how they feel. 

for example:

one of the things that I can feel is my bedsheet. so that’s what I say in my brain:

it has soft material. it’s not like my previous bedsheets. I can feel the lines of sewing ( and I try to trace them.) 

I try to keep my 100 percent focus on that one thing. so my brain has to only focus on one particular thing. it can rest and get ready for sleeping.

the reason that it works is that my brain is always busy thinking. it’s so hard for me to stop thinking for a few seconds. I love meditating but I’m not a professional in meditating. unfortunately when I try to focus on my breath … I get an anxiety attack … it’s crazy but it’s real. that’s why instead of that I try to think to only one thing. 

even though these 3 things can help your mind and body rest but other elements might affect your sleeping system:

the temperature of your room:

a too hot or too cold room can ruin your sleep. 

based on Healthline

“Ideally, your room should be between 60 and 67°F (15.6 and 19.4°C) for healthy sleep.” 

so if you can control the temperature of your room then don’t spare a second and do it. 

but if you can’t change into some cool, light, and fresh cloth can work as well.

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some people are very sensitive toward lights. I had a friend who would even turn down the light of the yard because she hated light. (she was probably a vampire but we don’t wanna talk about that.) 

I hate light when I’m sleeping too. (talking about vampires, my friends gave me 10 reasons why I can be a vampire…) that’s why I’m always the last person in the family who falls sleep. because I need all the light of the house to be off. 

if you are sensitive as well, make sure there is no light coming in your room. even if it’s the notification light of your phone!


I’m sensitive to sounds too. I need total silence or a soothing sound that doesn’t change. I’m the last person in the family who falls sleep and the first one who wakes up. the sound of notification, people, fridge, or anything. I recommend ASMR again because it doesn’t only block other sounds but replace it with something soothing. 

when I was a baby I wouldn’t sleep unless there is music playing in the background. we didn’t have headphones those days… so imagine my parents… staying all night… listening to music… so I could sleep… I still do, to be honest. 

“Good night. let the stars light the way to where your dreams can be found awaiting your arrival.”

Anthony T.Hincks

Good night loves.

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what would you do when you can’t sleep? share it with us!

what songs relaxes you and puts you to sleep?

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10 amazing habits to create for your life in quarantined

Don’t waste your time in quarantine and create amazing habits in your life.

10 amazing habits to create for your life in quarantined.

Are you stuck in your house because of coronavirus? I know you hate it too, to be in the house for days or maybe even week and not sure what you should do. 

as months ago, a weird virus has been leaving effects on people all over the world and had so many victims, cities and countries have been quarantined to control the whole situation. So I want you to stay at home as well. 

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I know, I know. It’s hard to spend hours and days at home. it’s super boring. you are tired of keep watching NetFlix and scrolling through Instagram. you want something cool. you want to be productive again. my brother, someone who hates school keeps saying that he misses school and wants to go back there. it’s the same for all of us. we want to get back to our lives and we hate the fact that we are wasting days of our lives because of a stupid virus while staying at home and doing nothing! well, we can’t do anything but to use most of our time. we can be smart and show that:

“nope! no siren! not today!” 

that’s why I brought you this post so you can use your time productive and count it as a glow-up journey. you can get back to your life after quarantine but not as the same person. you are going to continue your life, safe and healthy with amazing habits that would lead you to a better life. 

“Sounds COOL!”

yes! I have 10 habits that you should add to your life in these days. it’s easier to do them now since we can focus on them without any excuse.

not sure yet?

then let me tell you about the benefits of creating new habits.

each habit that we want to add to our lives has a specific benefit for us. but most of all, they are good for our health, work, productivity and soul. we want to create these habits in our lives because who doesn’t want a better life? most of these habits are small activities we want to do daily but we “forget”. 

creating habits is not easy. they need focus and discipline.


you might be busy in your regular daily life that each time you want to create a habit, you forget it. now it’s the time to go for it! you are home, you have plenty of time and focus to put on your favorite habits. 

grab a journal or even paper and start your journey on creating your favorite habits. you can use your phone too. there are plenty of useful apps that help you create your favorite habit. 

I’m going to introduce some of these habits. pick the ones that you feel you need to add to your life the most and lack it in your life. don’t pick more than 3 habits or you’ll be too tired that you won’t follow any of them. pick wisely and put your energy on it.

Here are my suggestion for habits that you can try today!

  1. drinking 8 glass of water: how many times have you heard about it? a lot? I know. are you drinking 8 glasses of water every day? if yes, then you probably do not need this habit because you already have it in your life. but if it’s no, then it’s the best time. I’m not sure what is more important than drinking enough water. water is one of the most essential parts of our life and without it… we DIE! especially now that there are warnings of coronavirus everywhere, you have to drink enough water to stay away from it. highly recommend this habit to be in your life.
  2. eating more healthy: recently we don’t eat out more often. It’s dangerous and it’s better to eat homemade that coronavirus is not letting us order takeaways, it’s the best to practice eating homemade healthy foods. You can practice packing too so after you got to get back to work or school, you can bring your food with you. Now that you have some free time at home try and cook different recipes. Find some good recipes online and try them for different meals. It’s the best time to create this habit.
  3. workout every day: I know you can’t go to the gym anymore but it doesn’t mean that you can’t workout at home. Now that you are at home, find some workouts with no equipment from the Internet and spend at least 10 to 15 minutes of your day on that. You can try yoga, stretching and so many other things. We don’t have enough movements recently since we can’t move from our house and we are just in one place, sitting or sleeping. It’s not good for your body at all. After practicing with 15 minutes daily, your body will be ready to start more exercises so you won’t feel super exhausted after the first day of the gym.
  4. practicing meditation: recently what I see the most between people are stress and fear. It’s natural to be stressed in situations like this but remember that stress would ruin your body system and weaken it. Try meditation daily. Start from 2 minutes and increase the time every day. Be more mindful and attract more positivity in your life. It should be a “must” these days. If you start it now and create this habit in your life, you can continue and keep it even after a coronavirus situation and be even more relaxed in your life.
  5. track your finances: now that you are sitting and watching NetFlix, why don’t you create a tracker for your finances? Sometimes starting something is the hardest part. For this habit probably the fact that you have to sit and make a list should be scary and you won’t have enough time to do that. Now you do. You have plenty of time. Use it wisely. Pick your pen and start researching. 
  6. learn something daily: we should never stop educating ourselves. Learning and educating help us to make better decisions in life. Find some online courses and start learning. It’s the best time to learn something new. That’s what I’m telling all of my friends. If you are bored then stay educated. Are you a student? Then start studying. You are not? Then think about something you always wanted to learn and start it right now! 
  7. develop a routine: routines are a pack of habits. When you create a routine, you are creating a few habits together. Pick one of your routines that you normally struggle with a lot. I hate my night routine, I rather spend it peacefully and relax so I can sleep easier but I always end up studying, working or watching TV so when it’s time to sleep I’m so stressed and full of energy that it takes me 2 or 3 hours to finally sleep. I should change it and create a better nighttime routine. I should add more relaxing activities to it and stop working at least 3 hours before sleep. Which routine you have the most problem with? check my two posts on developing morning routine ( ideas to have an Ideal morning routine , you can have luxury morning too! this is how)
  8. read more: this one is not for you if you are a bookworm like me but if you are not, then stay right here! There are thousands of reasons why you should read more often. I can guess that you have so many unread books on your shelf. It’s not only about making a habit. You can look at it as an activity and read some novels. Are there any books that you have been hearing about a lot but you couldn’t read yet? I’m sure there is. Go and read it now.  
  9. recycle your trash: huh! You can’t tell me you are too busy to recycle your trash anymore! All you need is three garbage bags with paper names on them. It’s the best time to learn and teach your kids to recycle. Spend some quality time with your family and educate your kids. Now that the earth is suffering from human decisions a lot, try to save it by making small actions and educating a better generation.
  10. limit your screen time: don’t look at me like that. Now that you are spending most of your time at home and you are using your phone the most, you have to learn to control it. We don’t want you to leave your house with damaged eyes and brains. Learn how to stop and spend some time without any kind of screen. You can combine it with your reading more habit. As you stop using any screen, you can read some book or you can cook. There are so many fun activities you can have without using any screen. Spend some time with your family and teach them to stop using phones and TV the most too.

take a look at your new year resolutions.

If you are still like: nope! I’m good without any of these! Then let me guide you to your new year resolution. Tell me. How many percent of these resolutions was successful?


it’s time for you to make it 100%!

review your goals and take steps towards them. You’ll thank yourself later and for sure, you are not going to have some wasted time sitting at home and finishing 100 episodes of series.

think about things you always wanted to do but procrastinated

However, it might not be your new year resolution but there might be some tasks that you have been procrastinating for the past few weeks. Cleaning your phone, empty your computer’s space or cleaning the house could be one of the things that you wanted to do but forgot. Now it’s your time. 

take more time for self-love and self-care

Use your time to take care of yourself. I know that you had so much stress at work and you had to work super hard. Now that you have the chance, try to spend it one self-care.

Give yourself some time and show yourself some love.

Take a nice bath and do things that you always wanted to do but didn’t have time. Start a gratitude list and count your blessings. 

rest but also challenge yourself

You might be like:

“should I rest or should I challenge myself? “

Well, I’m telling you to do both. I want you to rest but at the same time challenge yourself.

When you are finished, you are good to lay back and relax and enjoy the rest of your day. Try to be better but don’t stress over it. 

try some challenges in the internet

If you are still bored, then try some weekly or even monthly challenges. You can find so many kinds of workout, happiness or decluttering challenges online that I’m sure can be so fun to do. Ask your friends to do them with you. If they agree then it would create an amazing time even though you can’t meet your friends in person.

don’t be afraid but be careful about Coronavirus

Last but not least, let me talk a little bit about coronavirus. It’s dangerous and it’s sad but you can’t change things by being sad and stressed. Take a deep breath and live. Stress can be your biggest enemy at the moment. Stay strong, safe and healthy and don’t lose to this bad guy!

protect yourself and stay safe.

I love you so much!


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how to create the perfect barbie bedroom with 10 unique ideas?

How to Create the Perfect Barbie Bedroom with 10 unique Ideas?

When we were kids and used to watch barbie animations we always wondered if we could live in their houses. these days, Barbie is not animation but it is a style. that’s why today I’m going to show you 10 furniture that creates the barbie style in your bedroom.

What is Barbie decoration?

barbie bedroom decoration ideas

barbie decoration is a style that comes from barbie animations. they are mostly inspired by barbie patterns, colors, and lifestyle and have fans between so many kids and teenagers from all over the world. however, their fans are not only between kids but there are so many barbie fans between adults and I’m sure so many of them love to create the barbie vibe inside their house.

I’m not sure if I’m an adult or not (I’m 19) but I love barbie and barbie decoration. while I was looking at the barbie bedrooms I saw so many beautiful pictures of barbie birthday’s theme that makes me want to attend one!

why barbie decoration?

it’s cute, fancy (in a cute way) and stylish. when you talk about barbie, it’s hard to not think of skin-care, fitness, and confidence.

barbies are also known as princesses so having a barbie decoration is kind of living like a princess in a modern world. (YES PLEASE!)

besides that, barbie decoration has a strong connection with pink and pink is one of the amazing colors for bedrooms that helps you to create a relaxing and romantic mood in your room.

Color pallet:

before jumping to the decoration ideas, let’s talk about the color pallet.

when it comes to decoration, a color pallet is more important than all the furniture because if you don’t choose the right color when you are buying furniture, you are making a big mistake in your decoration game.

let’s take a look at these barbie pictures and guess what is their color pallet.

set of barbie pictures together
a screen shot of some barbie wallpapers

the main color is pink! however, you can also see so many pastel colors beside it.

always remember, for creating a beautiful decoration you need contract colors.

now that we know our main color is pink, we don’t want to create a room filled with PINK! it’s just overusing it. let’s take another look at the pictures, oh… we have blue too.

we can go for blue, purple, pink and white.

let me give you a piece of advice. try to pick your colors pastel.

using light and pastel colors makes your room seems bigger. it’s also easier to stare at a lighter room than a dark room.

another tip is to use white and pink a little more than the other colors. it’s a barbie room after all.

and here’s my last tip for this part. use some gold too but not too much. enough as a crown in your room. I’ll give you suggestions about where you can put these gold colors in the next part.

alright! let’s start decorating!

I took a look at barbie rooms and furniture to see what furniture can bring the barbie vibe to the room. I found some good things that you can use.
here is the first one:

Ps. I found this pictures on Amazon to show you what I mean. I do not own any of these pictures.

Bed curtains:

by seeing bed curtains in most of the barbie and princess animations, I always loved to have one. choosing a white and light pink bed curtain can make your room seem much cuter and more barbie like.

there are customized pipes for attaching the bed curtain that you can find in most of the stores.

Plush shaggy bedding:

just look at this plush bedding! light pink bedding can make you feel like a barbie princess. It’s also super warm and comfy and it’s amazing for a fancy room.

LED lights:

at first, I couldn’t think of LED lights for a barbie dream room but after seeing inspiration on the Internet I was shocked. LED lights are IN these days. bedroom decoration is mostly filled with LED lights because it gives such an aesthetic vibe to your bedroom. you can look at it as stars in your lovely barbie room.

shaggy faux chair:

it looks amazing with the bedding. as I said these plush and shaggy fabrics feel so comfy. if you can’t find one or you don’t want to pay for a new one, then you can DIY it. I’ll post the DIY in this blog very soon so stay tuned!

glitter wall paint:

these kinds of colors used to be so famous in Iran’s decoration and painting and I always loved seeing them because they are shiny and glittery. when I saw it in one of the decorations of the bedrooms I was like “OF COURSE!”

there is no such thing as glittery paint but there is paint glitters that you can buy and add to your favorite color. I recommend white wall with glitter and light pink wall paint without. combine the glitter and the color and color one of the wall. making this kind of contract will bring excitement to your room and reduce creating a boring room.

I used the contract in my bedroom wall by one black and 3 white wallpapers. my family was so sad with my decision but after the room was ready, they fell in love with my room.

it’s not only about the wall. using contracts in decoration can keep the attention to itself.

sheer curtains:

why using so many lamps and bulbs when you can use natural light?
sheer curtains make such a light mood in the room and allow sunlight walks in your room every morning. sunlight can make a much happier mood in your life.

full-length mirror:

have you seen those parts of the barbie animations that they dress up and stand in front of a full-length mirror?

full-length mirrors are useful in so many ways and one of them is that it make the room looks bigger.

the other reason is that you can use it to choose your outfits much easier because you are seeing yourself fully.

try to find and pick a mirror that goes well with your decoration. white would be better for your mirror but if you want to try a light pink, then go for it.

I saw jewelry full-length mirrors and I fell in love with them. as you might know, I never have enough space for my stuff so an extra space hidden in the furniture can always be welcomed. give it a shot.

fluffy carpet:

I suggested the plush bedding and chair. I’m sure you could guess that I’m going to suggest a fluffy carpet too! I believe this kind of carpet is so fancy and cute. it’s also super comfy which is catching two aims with one shot.
pick light pink carpets for your room. the size of the carpet depends on your room and your preferences.

however, you can also try full carpeting your room and then add a small fluff carpet to the decoration. don’t forget about the CONTRACT!

mirror lights:

they are also known as Hollywood mirror lights.

barbie is famous. you have seen it in barbie dream house series too. these Hollywood mirror lights are amazing for a barbie bedroom decoration. you can buy a table for your makeup and skincare products too and spend some fancy time taking care of your skin. (we can’t forget about skin-care and self-care right?)

neon lights:

last but not least, we have neon lights. I’m sure you have seen these neon light boards that have beautiful calligraphy. if you could find one with the word “Barbie” then GO for it! but if you couldn’t then you can still pick other pink styles. they are all amazing for a barbie decoration.

DIY it:

as long as you can DIY your old furniture, don’t pay extra money for new ones. paint is your best friend. you can save so much money by coloring your furniture instead of buying a new one. use fabrics and sew things if you can.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I could give you good ideas for your barbie bedroom. even if you don’t want to go for a barbie bedroom, you can still use these bedroom inspirations for your room.

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Book review: The Muse by Jessie Burton

Reading The Muse by Jessie Burton was enjoyable enough that made me write a review for it immediately!

Book review: The Muse

I just finished The Muse by Jessie Burton, and I’m so happy that I’ve started to read this book. through reading it, The Muse gave me some summer vibe so that I might recommend it as a summer book.

From the first chapter of this book, I realized that I would enjoy it, and I was not wrong. The combination of mystery, old Spain, and England vibe besides so many things to learn from it was quite satisfying.

The summary:

book review
the muse by jessie burton
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The book has 2 parts. One happens in 1967, and the other one happened in 1936. though they are both telling different stories, you can find the connection between them. Both stories reveal secrets one by one. Which means it’s not like that you would only find the secrets in 1936 or 1967. On any page, you should be ready for everything to reveal, and the secret would be gone.

Odelle Bastien is a girl from Caribbean seas that decides to find her future in London. She moves to Spain with her best friend, Cynth. However, at the beginning of the story, Cynth is about to marry the love of her life. Though they both used to work at a shoe shop but finally, after so much searching, Odelle was able to find a job in Skelton institute as a typist. Later on Cynth’s wedding party, she met her lover, who is Lawrie, and with that, she found a painting that changed her life forever.

On the other part of the story that happens in 1936, there is a girl named Olive, who loves painting and fell in love with a man named Issac. These people’s lives connect through numerous secrets that was made through the whole story, and most of them get solved until the end of it.

Let’s get into emotion stuff!

I don’t want to spoil the whole story because I believe you should read it yourself, but let me talk more about my emotions in this book.

I love how you can get hints about characters with tiny details in each chapter. It makes you spend more time knowing characters than focusing on the story or events. Even though 5 percent of the ending was predictable to me, I had so many different emotions when I finished this book.

The ending was satisfying and, at the same time, was making me cry. I’m not sure If I loved the ending or not, but for sure, I didn’t hate it. The author didn’t forget about the characters throughout the story.

The fact that the author decided to focus on each fact, one by one, was good as well. It was better than going through so many different hints in the story. it made it less confusing, and I could feel the detective inside of me was awake the whole time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to finish The Muse by Jessie Burton on a short among of time, but if I had, I’m sure I could finish it in one go.

The story was not slow at all. It wasn’t confusing, and it was not unrealistic. The emotion between characters was easy to recognize, and I could feel them. I didn’t become angry about any character because each one of them did correctly describe their desire and reasons to take those maybe stupid decisions so I could kind of understand them.

The descriptions, sentences were not too hard to understand, and at the same time, they had some excellent artistic combination, and I love that.

One of the things that are important for me in reading a book is the emotions that the book wakes inside of me. So I give it the star.

It’s time for star rating!

Now let’s count and see how many stars I would give to this book.

I always give:

1 star for the story.

1 star for the writing skill.

1 star for characters.

1 star for connection on my feelings.

1 star for waking up my imagination.

please Pin this picture!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’ll give the first star to this book for sure! I loved the mystery of the story, and I loved following it, and I was dying to finish the book to see what is going on.

I give the second star as well. I enjoyed the author’s writing skills, and I already explained how in artistic ways she could describe things. I enjoyed reading her work and definitely I’m going to read more work by her.

I give the third star because I told you how the development and describing the characters was my favorite.

The book also gets the fourth star. it connected to my heart and my feelings more naturally than I expected, and I could understand each character by heart even though their situation or story was not related to me at all, and I couldn’t relate.

But the fifth star, I’m afraid I won’t give it to the book. Though I loved the story, It couldn’t make me use my imagination after each time that I closed the book, maybe because it was a story filled with facts or because of its ending. I’m not sure, but each time that I closed the book, the story for me was closed as well. until the next time that I would open the book again.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

So I give 4 out of 5 stars to this book, and I’m so happy about reading it. I recommend it, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Have you read this book?

Are you planning to read this book?

What is your opinion about this book?

don’t forget to check my Instagram and other social media accounts as well. I’ll be super happy if you come and say hi!

I love you all and hope to see you soon.

love love!


how to celebrate your birthday while you are alone؟

throw your own birthday party at home without any guests!
it’s okay if nobody is invited. you can still have fun!

Happy birthday to you!

Happy birthday to you! 

Happy birthday my dear reader!

Happy birthday to you!

Celebrating birthdays and having birthday parties are one of the most famous celebrations that happen in the world. People love to celebrate this special day of the year to party and be the center of attention of their beloved people. It’s understandable. However, some people don’t like it as well. There might be so many reasons for a person to want or not want to celebrate their birthdays. Some people think they are growing old, and some people hate attention.

On the other hand, some people love this attention and enjoy partying. 

Why might you celebrate your birthday alone?

It happens. It’s a busy life. You might not have enough time to plan parties or your friends are not around. On my 19th birthday, all of my friends were away, and I was so sad that there is no one to celebrate my birthday. I know that our friends will celebrate it with us later, but sometimes all we want is special activities to happen at particular times. 

Maybe the reason is not that. Perhaps you want to celebrate it alone. It’s okay if you do. Having some time for yourself to relax and enjoy your time is the best thing you can do. Whatever the reason might be, let me tell you something. 


Why should you celebrate your birthday?

I’m not sure what in the world is the reason that most of us get depressed on our birthday. Maybe that’s why the tradition of birthday parties or cake and sweet things for birthdays came in. I’m one of those people who like to cry on their birthdays. I don’t even know WHY! You shouldn’t just act like your birthday is nothing special. It would be best if you celebrated your birthday, your life, and your age even if it’s only doing little things like ordering takeaways and watching your favorite show. We need to give ourselves some attention. We need to show ourselves that we care about ourselves, and we love ourselves. Spending at least one day of the year, just doing whatever you want, can create a lot of good vibes and energies for the rest of the year. Don’t look at it as a luxury thing. Look at it as a self-care and self-love activity. 

Don’t tell me you are getting old.

Why it’s okay to grow old?

Let me play “20 anymore” by Bebe Rexha on the background and talk to you. 

Don’t think about the numbers! The numbers are not showing your beauty! 

As years are passing by and you are getting older, you are just getting wiser. You are getting better and stronger after all these years. 

answer this:

compare yourself to yourself ten years ago. Are you the same person? No. You got stronger. Don’t create values for yourself by numbers. 

Do you know how a piano gets more expensive? When it’s older and more songs, have been played by it. 

Love yourself and your age. Listen to “20 anymore” by Bebe Rexha and sing it loudly. You know what? Scream this song!

I have a few ideas if you want to try to celebrate your birthday alone. These are simple ideas with minimum preparation to create a small birthday party for yourself. 


we all know the birthday as a birthday cake. Why not baking one? You can try to decorate it the way you want. You know what is better when you are celebrating your birthday alone? More cake for you!

You can bake cupcakes or cook too. Making pizza or any other of your favorite foods is also fun. Play some birthday song and dance around as you bake your birthday cake.

watching movies:

last year I found a bunch of comedy movies to watch on my birthday. Even though I only found time to watch one of them but it still created a good mood for me because I started my birthday with laughing so hard. You can eat the cake you baked or the pizza you made while you are watching movies. You can also order takeaways and make some popcorn. It’s just like a full party! Except only you are invited.

playing songs and dancing:

I found a list of birthday songs a day before my birthday. Try to find upbeat birthday songs and dance and sing with them for the whole day. What’s wrong with dancing? It’s fun and makes you happy! Songs play an essential role when it comes to creating a vibe. I highly tried to only listen to happy songs on my birthday so I can keep the birthday vibe around me. 

going for shopping:

I mean. Who doesn’t like shopping? Well, if you don’t, I won’t judge you, but if you do like shopping as much as I do then you should find your way to malls and enjoy some time! Try window shopping and later try eating lunch or dinner in one of the local restaurants too. I know I recommend this idea for so many occasions, but it’s only because I have a really great memory from these activities. I always love it when I go shopping with my dad and then stop in one of the local restaurants to eat something. 

buy a book and read it:

if instead of that you want to stay in peace and you don’t want to have too much excitement then going to bookstores is the best idea. Find a good book and create a relaxing birthday vibe for yourself. You can bake some cake and drink your favorite drink beside it while you are reading your book. It’s such a lovely birthday party.

Create a scrapbook:

you have two options:

  1. create a notebook for the previous year and talk about things that have passed.
  2. Create a scrapbook for the upcoming year and organize your goals.

No matter which one you choose. These ideas are both fantastic.

You can show your success, good memories, or your emotions in the first option. Fill it with hard moments you overcame or progresses that you made. Write about the lessons you learned or even movies you watched or books that you read.

Or you can make some kind of planners for the next year. You can create goals or your wishes for your next year. Maybe even a travel plan. 

make a gratitude list:

grab a paper and sit. Write about things you achieved, something you received, and moments that you experienced. See how much of your last year’s wishes came true and be grateful for what you have right now. 

When you take a look at yourself and see how far you came, you’ll thank yourself. Remind yourself that you worked hard in the previous year and show more love toward yourself.

create goals for the next year:

we always make wishes when we blow candles on the cake. What if this time we make goals? We can be better than last year and develope as we grow up. This time instead of wishing, make your wishes come true. Let your moves blow the wishes to reality.

Go for a trip:

traveling is a fantastic option as a birthday party. Why? Because whenever you travel, you become wiser. You see more of the world, and you learn new things. Now since you are a year older and wiser, then why not traveling and adding more to this knowledge? Another reason why trips are good ideas for birthdays is that you won’t have time to sit somewhere and be depressed. You are busy wandering around and trying new things. Besides that, your birthday is not one day anymore. The whole timeline of the trip is your birthday!

These were the ideas. I hope they could help you to at least make a plan for your birthday. just remember that on your birthday you deserve happiness. With people around you or without them. Birthdays happen once a year, and you are going to remember them for a long time. Even if it’s only for a day, try to stay happy and love yourself. You are lovely! 

you are loved:

don’t take these things personally. If people had plans and couldn’t be beside you, it doesn’t mean that they don’t like you. As we grow up, it’s hard to handle all the things we have in our hands. I’m sure they still love you and care about you. 

enjoy your time:

don’t wait for someone else to celebrate your birthday. Enjoy your time, and just have fun. You deserve happiness. With people or without them. Just do whatever you can do to make a good day out of your birthday. 

It’s not only about your birthday. in every moment of your life, but you should also learn to have fun and celebrate what you have. Don’t waste your time being sad over things that you have no control over them. Show the world who’s the boss and have fun!

Happy birthday my lovely reader, and I wish you a beautiful birthday. I love you so much and don’t forget to have fun.

You are amazing. You are great. You are loved, and you are beautiful. 

Happy birthday.

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with beautiful wishes for you.


awesome activities for last minute valentine’s date

Happy valentine’s day!
you haven’t plan a date yet?!
don’t worry. I have some good ideas for you.

It’s valentine’s day, and it’s the best time to create amazing memories with your lover and go on a romantic date.

Valentine’s day is on the 14th of February. It’s a known day for lovers to celebrate their love and create romantic memories. So many people go on dates, and so many people try to celebrate this day by buying gifts and chocolates.

How did Valentine start?

I’ve heard so many stories about how valentine’s day was created. Still, the most famous or probably the most realistic one is about a festival that used to happen in the Roman as people would get paired by some kind of lottery. Then they would wear the name that they found on the lottery on their chests.

Even though nowadays the way that people celebrate valentine might not be the same as past, but it’s still a fantastic opportunity to celebrate love and show your feeling toward your beloved ones.

Why I love Valentine’s day?

I believe you can always use excuses to celebrate life and most importantly love. I’m a big fan of romance movies and stories. I love seeing beautiful emotions like love exchange between people. I always support love and enjoy seeing it not only in my life but also in other people’s lives.

Some people might look at valentine’s day as something wrong or a big chance to receive significant gifts from your partner. I don’t care about what we might collect and how much money could spend on this day. What I care about the most is enjoying love and some romance in the world. It doesn’t matter if you have paid 0$ or 1,000$! The fact that someone was thinking about you as their valentine and as someone that they love is super beautiful!

Why Valentine’s day is cool?

Let me count some valuable reasons…

number one…


Number two…


Number three…


Number four…


And for the last reason is…


There are also so many exciting things to see in this day which they are mostly red and pink. I love how these colours can be used in our life even if it’s just for a day. We usually don’t use these colours in our decorations, but on valentine’s day, it’s hard to go for other colours.

Maybe valentine’s day is an excellent reminder to all of us to stop for a moment and just appreciate the people in our life that we love and love us. Sometimes we need to stop and just enjoy the romance in our life. Even if you are single, you can still love yourself.

Why should you celebrate valentine’s day?

It’s good to remind the people we love how much we care about them. It’s essential to take a moment and just enjoy some quality time with your dear people. It doesn’t need to be your partner. You can share your love toward your parents, your friends or most importantly, to yourself. After all, valentine is not only about couples. It’s about love in general. Love is a powerful emotion, so we should at least stop for once a year and just focus on loving.

Why might you forget to schedule a date?

I know you care about your partner. I know you love them a lot and you hate the fact that you forgot to set a date. It’s a busy life, and we already have so many things to take care of in our life. We might even forget our birthdays! It’s okay if you forgot that. It might be your first year celebrating valentine with someone so you might not be prepared for these kinds of occasions. Don’t worry. I don’t blame you. I won’t even judge you. I’m not here to remind you how hard it could be to create a balance in your life, and I know you are in a hurry to plan a date but don’t worry. We have plenty of time. With these ideas that I’m going to introduce them to you soon, you don’t even need 5 minutes to get prepared. I’ve got your back.

These ideas are fast, easy and cheap. You don’t need to spend so much money in the case of planning a romantic date, and you don’t need days or hours to get prepared for it (unless you want to look beautiful which you should hurry up about that one.). Even after valentine’s date, you can still use these ideas to plan any kind of date with your lover.

Now let’s not waste any more time and just jump to the ideas!

Watching sunset:

What’s more romantic than watching the sunset with your lover? We all have imagined these kinds of dates but haven’t done them before. Now it’s time to make something memorable and romantic and you know what is the best part? It’s FREE! You can bring some food or snack with yourself too and enjoy some time with the love of your life.

Baking or cooking:

I love some quality time with the people I love. Sometimes you don’t even need to get fancy. If you haven’t thought of anything yet and you have some time left, just jump into the nearest market and buy some groceries. If you don’t have time, you can still bake or cook with whatever you got. Make some pizza or any food that might remind you of something. Maybe it’s a food that you both like or you have a good memory of it.

Don’t forget about baking! You know valentine is all about chocolate and sweets! Make some chocolate or bake some cake. You can make cookies or cupcakes and try to design them together with a valentine theme! It would create such a fantastic memory from 2020 valentine’s day.


If you ask me I would tell you that picnic is the most romantic date you can create. You don’t need any kind of preparation. If you have time, you can bring a homemade sandwich, but if you don’t, it’s okay. Just order some takeaway and bring them to your picnic. Since it might be cold outside, don’t forget to bring warm drinks. It’s going to be a fantastic date (especially since I’m freezing while writing this post) though it depends on the weather too. If it’s way too cold where you live, then have your picnic in the car or inside of the house. It would be fantastic. Fill your time with board games or reading stories for each other. Share some chocolate and create an excellent date together.

Create a Playlist of love songs:

Music is always a good idea. Just relax and try to create a playlist of your favourite love songs. Playing with songs can contain a bigger group of activities for you and your partner.

Show each other love songs that you enjoy.

Try to tell each other about your emotions by songs.

Find a song that describes your relationship the best.


write one yourself! Nobody expects you to write a Grammy-winning song. Just choose a rhythm and try to tell your love story by this song.

Make a fort:

forts are so cozy and romantic. Especially when the weather is cold.

Fill the fort with blankets and pillows. Don’t use candles! But you can use LED lights. Just look around the house or the Internet and find amazing ideas.

You can make the fort yourself and surprise your partner, or you can make it together. It makes some memories, and after trying to work on the fort, you can rest inside of it and enjoy your time by eating dinner or snacks or watching romantic movies.

Watch a movie:

choose a valentine’s day theme movie or a romantic movie to watch together. Movies are super helpful to create moods. If you need a romantic atmosphere, then watch a romantic movie. There are a lot of recommendations on the Internet, so get some help from them too!


when I’m talking about shopping, I don’t mean to take it seriously. You are not there to buy essential things and stress over them. Just walk in the bazaar and look at the stores and windows. Eat some dinner in a local restaurant and look for valentine theme products (you might find some good discounts). If you haven’t bought any gifts for them, but you wished you had, you can use this chance to buy them something. If you didn’t have an idea to what to buy for them or what they might like, you could choose easier by knowing what they want and what they don’t.

Make the gifts:

you can create each other’s gifts with any way that you like. You can go for handicrafts, or you can make handmade cards for each other. Another thing that you can do is to go out, buy two boxes and fill them with tiny cool stuff that you might see in malls. You can fill them with chocolates or gifts. You can try to keep them away from each other’s eyes so you’ll be able to surprise each other. you can try to choose each other’s gifts too. This way, you can learn more about each other and find out what makes each one of you happy.

Amusement parks:

it’s not always about having a full romance mood to create a romantic date. Having fun with your special someone and laughing and playing and enjoying your time can be the best date you can create for yourselves. Become little kids and laugh like no one is watching.

Try pickup lines on each other:

you don’t need to be strangers to try pickup lines on each other. Try to find some pick-up lines on the Internet and use them on each other. You can talk to each other about which one you love more and which you don’t. It can be fun too! You can use funny pick-up lines and create an unusual but romantic night.

These were some of the ideas that came to my mind. They might not be enough for a beautiful valentine’s date, so here are some quick tips for you to use these ideas.

combine them:

get creative and try to connect ideas. Bake or cook and then bring the food with you to the picnic. Go grocery shopping and then come back home to cook or bake or anything else. As long as you feel that these ideas can create you a suitable date, then use them and enjoy the day of love.

Create a beautiful night:

you might not have enough time, but it still doesn’t mean that you can’t make a beautiful night. Try to avoid arguments and fill the night with compliments. Talk to them about your emotions and how much they mean to you. Use anything that can help you to make the night even better. Let this day stay as a beautiful day in both of your minds.

Consider things that are your things:

don’t forget about inside jokes or anything that are your things. With personalizing the date, you can make your beloved one realize that you care about your relationship. Let them know that you remember them. When you consider these personalized things, you both will feel much closer because you’ll see that you came so far and learned about each other more than before so now you have jokes that nobody else understands.

don’t forget about the music:

music is everything! Play some romantic song or any song that might be reminding you of something. You can choose slow songs or wordless songs to play in the background. Music can help you to set a charming and romantic mood.

make memories not expensive gifts:

you can’t buy love. You can’t show your love to your partner with big and fancy gifts. It just shows how much money you have. Nothing else. Products or anything that you might have bought would get old or outdated. Everyone might forget about them, even your partner. They won’t last forever. But you know what lasts forever? Memories. Good memories stay with us through good and bad moments of our lives.

no need to spend so much money:

you don’t need to book fancy restaurants or spend so much money to create a beautiful date. I know that you will need to spend money. In this world, it is hard not to spend money while you want to do something. But you don’t need to spend a massive amount of money to make it unique. Try to be creative and use whatever you have in hand.

forget about people:

valentine’s day is about you and your partner. It’s about your love. Don’t care about what people might think or what they would say. Don’t make yourself go broke so you can show fancy pictures to others. Don’t let other people control your date and your relationship. The only thing that matters is your lover and what they would like.

That’s all!

I hope you all have a sweet and beautiful valentine’s day.

It’s okay if you are single. Love yourself or anything else. Show love to the world or to people who might need it more than everybody else. If you can donate some money to these organizations, you are taking a big step to spread love in valentine’s day. Don’t be too serious. Don’t be stressed. just enjoy and love and feel the love in the air on this day.

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I love you so so much!

I wish you a lovely valentine’s day.